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"Welcome to the Historic Golden Ox

The Historic Golden Ox Restaurant opened its doors in May of 1949. The restaurant's purpose was simply to furnish a good place to dine for the ranchers, farmers, and their wives who brought their livestock to the stockyards, featuring the then and now world-famous Kansas City Steak.

Mr. Jay Dillingham, President and Chairman of the Board of the Kansas City Stockyards Company, founded the restaurant. The Stockyards Company's insistance on the best quality for customers made the GoldenOx an instant success. Of course, their experience and knowledge of beef were also big assets.

The history of the Historic Golden Ox Restaurant goes beyond its own 63 year history. The restaurant's roots go all the way back to 1871 when the first independent stock yard was organized and facilities erected in the Kansas City west bottoms on the east bank of the Kaw river. The first exchange building was only twenty-four feet square. This area had always been a trading center, dating back to the days when trappers, hunters, and Indians came to trade furs, livestock, grains, and other valuable commodities. Over the years the stock yards grew rapidly as the remaining frontier was opened and settled. At one time over 1.8 million cattle per year passed through the Kansas City Stockyards.

The area has also had its share of struggles. Historic floods devastated the stock yards in 1903 and again in 1951. Both floods covered the entire west bottoms with 15 to 30 feet of water. In addition, a disastrous fire burned more than half of the stock yard area in 1917. Each time the stock yards were re-built bigger and better than before.

Today the stock yards are gone, but the tradition lives on. The Historic Golden Ox Restaurant is a big part of that tradition, located on the first floor of the Livestock Exchange Building in the heart of the stock yards. Our professional staff serves the highest quality steaks and The Golden Ox is one of the few restaurants that continues to have its steaks aged and hand cut.

Take a step back in time and visit the Historic Golden Ox Restaurant to enjoy a true Steakhouse atmosphere, the way they used to be, and discover the real reason Kansas City is famous for it’s steaks!” - http:/​/​www.​goldenox.​com/​home.​html

On 12-20-2014, The Golden Ox closed its doors. Many residents in Kansas and Missouri knew it as a special location for great steaks and a place for celebration.

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