NIKO RONKAINEN(non-registered)
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Diane Blake(non-registered)
It was great meeting you 11/14 at Union Station. Look forward to displaying your photos in my loft.
Heather Urfer(non-registered)
Just found the card you gave me this past September at an Elders concert. Such awesome pics you took. You can tell how happy the guys are while playing. It also comes it in the faces of the audience. Even the pic of me turned out better than I expected! :D
E. Neal(non-registered)
You are the most uplifting and amazing photographer I have ever met. Even when I felt sooooo huge, you created a beautiful picture! You have a talent with photography but more importantly your ability to share your confidence with your customer. Thank you so much!
Brian Schlenk(non-registered)
Jason, You have captured moments with my beloved Maggie that will last a lifetime! I highly recommend anyone who wants their pets/children, or any momentous occasion captured to trust your eye for capturing personalities and 'the moment'. Needless to say, everything you've done for me is outstanding and commented on by everyone who looks at them.

Thanks again,
John K(non-registered)
Just what I was looking for. You captured the moment in time. Have been wanting this scene since I moved to Kansas City 21 years ago! Thank you.
Rodney Burch(non-registered)
I met you out front of JC Pennys in the mall and we discussed your pictures!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
Great additions -- nothing like the Flint Hills burning in spring!!!
Niki Hunt(non-registered)
Jason~ It's amazing how you make us feel like we are right there! I absolutely love all the pictures you have taken but my favorites are the bridges, the inside of the St. Michael's , and the the outdoor ones! I have been transported to the fire, to the prairie, and to the moon from my home here in Texas. Sheer talent my friend!
Roxanne Ebberts(non-registered)
Your photos are awesome, and love the natural lighting!
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