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Ruperto Aguirre
The Native-American Statue in Penn Valley park is truly an amazing and timeless beauty. I was born within the lower valley of the community near the historic Scout warrior that won a prestigious Gold medal award in the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco,California. The Sioux Indian statue arrived in Kansas City, Missouri in mid-June or early July 1916 and on its return eastward was temporary placed at 28th and Summit St. in Penn Valley park. However the dedication of the statue was held years later when on January 1st 1922 the statue was moved to its present location where a city-wide celebration marked the event. The children in the Bi-state area had initiated a fund drive to purchase the Scout Statue for $15,000 with Nickels and Dimes and called ,The Kansas City Children's Fund Drive that led countless across the city and nation to contribute funds that finalized the sale of the historic sculpture. Certainly the artist, the late Cyrus E. Dallin wanted desperately the citizens and children of Kansas City to acquire the treasured statue against the wishes of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. that eagerly wanted to purchase the statue as well. Truly it would be a wonderful experience if Historical Plaques could be placed at the site for visitors and greater Kansas Citians to learn about the cultures of the many Indian Nations of our region and embrace the story about The Scout that continues to be a true legacy of our greater community .
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