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I am proud to present the images selected by Equity Bank for use in their new location in Wichita, Kansas. Images were selected as a sampling of the region to include Kansas and Western Missouri.

Images are marked via price list as to what is available in the numbered print series. Images 1 through 8 are available as 1 of a series of 10 in the listed size. They will be shipped to me for signing and numbering, and then on to you. You will not need to worry about any of this, just enter your shipping information upon purchase.

Image 9 (Keeper of the Plains) is available as a single print. It was commissioned as a triptych and as a specialty piece. It was signed as an original, and will not be reproduced in triptych form in the numbered series.

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Hay Bales and Horse Trailer SunriseLong RoadCastle Rock 4Wabaunsee County overlookWall top and silosB2 Spirit - color composite - Wings Over WhitemanJC Nichols Fountain - Royal BlueKCMO Downtown - Union StationKeeper of the PlainsBow Bridge in reverseLower Fox Creek School